Fruits & Vegetables - POS Billing Software

Supermarket retail POS software for Provision, Frozen Foods, Convenience store, Meat & Fish stores that lets you handle out-of-stock scenarios with efficient inventory, re-order, expiry, return & wastage management modules.

Fruits & Vegetables - POS Billing Software
  • It comes with easy-to-setup weighing scale integration that helps you to make the bills faster and attend more customers in sale time.

  • Easy, Fast & Robust Billing

  • Customer wait time is minimum - Fastest check out people

  • Graphs and Chart for better analysis

  • Supplier wise sales & stock for effective reorder


Fruit and vegetable stores require a unique setup that usually involves additional hardware not common on other POS installations. Hardware such as scales, label printers, integrated EFTPOS and more are all very common in these stores.

Scales play an important role as the majority of fresh produce is purchased by weight. Idealpos integrates with 9 scale models which can all be configured specifically for your business.

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