Fast Food Restaurant POS

Fast Food Restaurant POS

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  • User interface is highly customizable, and can be designed to better reflect the bakery’s identity and product selection.

  • Streamlines customer ordering with on screen prompts and verifications.

  • The web based interface supports online ordering, reducing the time employees spend manning the phones and increasing productivity on the line.

  • Easy to use interface allows you to assign every menu item a key, making it quicker and easier to accurately process customer orders.

  • Software supports the larger, and more varied, menu options at Chinese restaurants.

  • The primary differences between Quick Service and Full Service POS systems can be found in the software and hardware specifications.

  • Customizable user interface, food usage tracking, online ordering, human resources support

  • Credit/Debit card processing, food scales, liquor scales (pour spout controls), and multiple displays (including kitchen, bar, host/hostess area, server stations).